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Product Development

Univer considers continuous innovation important, whether it is about developing packaging or product development or even launching a new product. We have recently doubled the budget allocated for research and development. There is intensive product development and as a result Univer Product Zrt has novelties to offer to its consumers and partners each year and each season. Recent developments include a range of mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup products available in stand-up pouches. Building on positive feedback from consumers, Univer is planning to launch these products in a larger family pack. Kecskeméti Tradíció premium jam has enjoyed a huge success in Hungary and has been extended to include 8 members in recent years plus 2 flavours of diabetic jam. Building on the outstanding success of our “Erős Pista” (Strong Steve) product, the fresh hot paprika product line is also seeing dynamic development. Karikás Pista product range (slices of hot raw peppers in salty juice) was the first one to be launched followed by “Haragos Pista” (Furious Steve) - extra hot freshly ground paprika - aims to win some fans of markedly strong Hungarian paprika. This year’s development includes Erős Pista in tubes which customers just love for its ease of dispensing.

A true novelty is „Univer K’enni jó” vegetable cream range including mayonnaise aubergine cream and broccoli cream and mouth-watering paprika and bean vegetable creams ideal for fresh toasts. The Hungarian market has given a warm welcome to these vegetable creams which are made of valuable vegetables and free of any preservative and flavour enhancer.

We believe that brand manufacturers should never shy away from developing their own brands as this is a base they can always build upon. Part of our Hungarian brands are private label products supplied to retail chains and gastronomy franchise systems. We are proud to have been supplying a wide range of McDonald’s sandwich sauces, ketchup, mustard and salad dressings for more than 25 years. The majority of our export partners also sell private label products which Univer developed for them as a result of mutual successful efforts.

For a business venture to be successful on the long term, strategy and R&D activities need to be planned for years to come. To that end, we set up our own strategic planning directorate many years ago, which today plays a crucial role in achieving our strong market positions domestically and in abroad alike.

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