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Lots of yummy flavours, diverse ways to use True, Univer baby food is very diverse, but something is true about all our varieties: they have contain no added sugar and gluten nor any milk protein or lactose allergens.

You will find information to help choose the most appropriate baby food on every label. Univer produces baby food for four age groups. Orange label products can be fed to babies four months old an over, this is the sign for products suggested while weaning. Baby food with a purple label are suggested for babies six months and older: puréed fruit and vegetables also contain some pressed meat. Blue label baby food is offered for youngsters eight months old and over: these are junior meals that also contain some tender bits of food. You can feed your baby our crimson label food from the age of 10 months an on, and these are real “dishes for tiny adults”. Offering meals made using organic ingredients is one way to provide healthy nutrition. Univer’s assortment includes such products as well, they are marked with the green label.

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