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Terms of Use

Terms of Using the www.univer.hu website

1. Accuracy, Completeness, Timeliness of Data

Univer shall accept no liability for any damage whatsoever derived from the potential inaccuracy or incompleteness of data found on the website. Users may solely rely on documents available on this website at their own risk. Users acknowledge that they will likewise be responsible for monitoring any changes to the documents and details located at this website.

2. Transmission

Non-personal communication or other materials (any kind of data, question, comment, suggestion, information, etc.) forwarded by Users to this website by way of e-mail or using other means will not qualify as confidential information or information subject to protection. Such materials will comprise Univer’s property and it may utilise them for any purpose whatsoever (e.g. reproduction, transfer, forwarding, publication, broadcasting and disclosure as comment). Univer will furthermore be authorised, without limitation, to utilise content forwarded to the website by Users (inventions, improvements, suggestions, etc.) for any purpose whatsoever (including, among other things, for product development, production and marketing. No one who forwards information of this kind will be entitled to any sort of consideration whatsoever. Furthermore, Users will warrant that they are the sole eligible party to such material, such material is not offensive, and their use by Univer will not infringe upon any third-parties’ rights nor violate any prevailing legal regulations. Univer will not be obliged to use such information.

3. Rights associated with intellectual work

Univer holds title to all copyright, trade marks and other intellectual work rights related to text, images and other materials on this website.

Users have the right to browse the website and reproduce content on it for private purposes by means of printing, saving or forwarding to others. Exercising this right is conditional to Users indicating the trade mark related information below on the reproduced materials. The reproduced versions of any part of the website may not be utilised through sale and purchase or for the purpose of acquiring a profit, may not be modified nor used in other works, publications or websites.

Univer holds title to rights associated with the trade marks, logos, typefaces displayed on the website, as well as to intellectual work subject to copyright that appears on the website (collectively: “Trade Marks”). Beyond the exceptions specified in this document, the (unauthorised) use of Trade Marks displayed on this website or appearing in any content accessible on this website is strictly prohibited. Univer may assert its rights related to intellectual work in the scope permissible by law.

4. Hyperlinks to other websites

Univer shall assume no liability whatsoever for the content, accuracy and functioning of websites produced by third parties that Users reach by following any hyperlinks found at this website. Users will be responsible for acquainting themselves with such sites and for carefully reading the disclaimers and data protection declarations uploaded to such.

5. Warranty

Univer shall not undertake any warranty whatsoever for the completeness, accuracy, reliability, up to date nature, legitimacy of content accessible at the website, moreover for the website being free of disruption in terms of access or bugs nor for the website being free of viruses.

6. Liability

Users shall use this website at their own sole responsibility.

Univer and/or third parties participating in the production of this website, and making it accessible will not assume any liability for any damage, cost, loss or liability whatsoever incurred by accessing or using other websites opened by way of a hyperlink on this website.

Content on this website is subject to change without prior notice.

Univer will not be held liable for any potential damage resulting from virus infection of Users’ computers or any other property as a consequence of using the website or downloading any material from the website. Users may download any material from this website at their own risk.

7. Prohibited activity

Users may engage in activities Univer deems incorrect or which qualify as illegal or prohibited under any legal regulation, including the following:

  • Activity that infringes upon the personal data or other rights of private persons (e.g. uploading private data without the consent of the person concerned);
  • Using the website for the purpose of disparagement, defamation, moreover any conduct that damages Univer’s good standing;
  • Uploading of files containing viruses suitable for causing damage; and
  • Publication of forbidden, disruptive, abusive, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or otherwise illegal content, or forwarding such to the website.

Univer reserves the right to modify and amend this disclaimer. Please visit this page regularly in order to review these rules and any potential new information.

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Terms of Use ©2015 Univer Product Plc. All rights reserved.

Link to the Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR) created according to the European Commission's 524/2013/EU decree: